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  • Option of swimming lessons included.
  • 3 meals per day.
  • Strict COVID-19 protocols.

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  • Option of swimming lessons included.
  • 3 meals per day.
  • Fun, loving learning environment.

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Baby Center

3+ months
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We believe

…that each child should be provided with stimulating and age appropriate activities in a safe, nurturing and caring environment. We place strong emphasis on learning and development through play; acknowledging individual skills and abilities. We aim to foster meaningful relationships that will encourage a spirit of empathy and understanding and to encourage a sense of wonder and respect for our world.

Why choose us?

How our school works

Get to
know us

Our purpose each day is to be Creative, Instil a Love of Life, a Love for Others and a Love of Learning.

Why we are naturally different

We Listen to The Child's Voice

Children inspire us to aspire to greater heights. We believe in respecting the rights of every child and to celebrate each success. Our purpose each day is to be creative, instil a love of life, a love for others & a love of learning.

We Are Highly Experienced and Educated Professionals

We provide a learning program that is grounded in years of experience in South Africa, Dubai, Indonesia, Burma, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana, working across a wide range of curricula including the British, American Creative Curriculum, American Californian, Singaporean, IB, South African as well as developing curricula internationally.

We Care About Early Childhood Development

At Little Woodlands we don’t just educate children, but we take a sincere interest in their learning and encourage each child to reach his/her full potential. We personally invest ourselves in each and every child we work with.

We Have Done Our Homework

We have a deep understanding of child development and how children learn and that every child learns in his own special way.

We Get
to Know
Our Clients

We believe in getting to know our clients – the children and their families. Encouraging parental involvement.

We Are Committed
to Quality and Best

We don’t settle for anything but the best! We have worked very hard to create the ideal learning environment.

We Invest in Our Learners’ Emotional Capital

Promoting and facilitating an environment that fosters positive, nurturing, healthy relationships and high self-esteem.

Our School

Age Groups

Baby House 3-11 Months or 12-24 months

Toddlers 2-3

Preschool 3-4

Grade 00 (4-5 yrs.)


Opening time: 6.30 am

Closing time: 17.30 pm

(A fee is payable after 17.30, R50 per every 15 minutes late or part thereof)

What to bring

Spare clothes

1x pack of wipes per month


Weekly Menu


Porridge: Mieliepap, Oats, Maltabella.

Juice or tea.


Mid-morning snack provided by parents – sandwich, yoghurt, fruit, salty crackers, biltong is preferable. *


Cooked Lunch:

Protein, Carb, Vegetables/Salad.


Sandwiches, Fruit, Tea or Juice.

No sweets, chips, cookies or gassy cooldrink will be allowed


Monkeynastics, Art expression, Dance , Swimming, Music, Horseworx
*Note: Our Internal extra-murals like swimming and music will continue. All other extra murals will be put on hold for 2021 due to Covid.

At Little Woodlands we come to work every day, for one thing: to instil a spirit of creativity and exploration, a love of life, a love for those around us and a love of learning which is felt by all the learners as well as their families.

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