Meet our School's Staff - The Little Woodlands Preschool

Meet Our Staff

“We aim to foster meaningful relationships that will encourage a spirit of empathy and understanding and to encourage a sense of wonder and respect for our world.”


Hilde-Mari Murgatroyd

Littlewoodlands Principal - Hilde-Mari

Welcome to Little Woodlands Preschool. We believe in nurturing, encouraging and appreciating each child’s individuality. It is our belief that play-based learning cultivates a love for learning that is unyielding and life long. Little Woodland’s curriculum aims to integrate all learning areas to maximise the learning opportunity through the ‘Play…Discover…Learn’ approach. This allows for the establishment of a positive, fun-filled and nurturing learning environment wherein the best results are achieved through hands-on exploration and discovery.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”
Albert Einstein

We are highly experienced…..
Our learning experience is grounded in years of experience in South Africa, Dubai, Burma and Thailand with a wide range of curricula including the British, American Creative Curriculum, Californian and Singaporean as well as developing curricula internationally

Our Internal extra-murals like swimming and music will continue. All other extra murals will be put on hold for 2021 due to Covid.


Bettie Boshoff

A very warm welcome back to Little Woodlands Preschool after the COVID-19 scare. We are happy to have our teachers and learners back safely.

As before, we commit ourselves to provide our little ones with a safe and stimulating environment where they may develop the needed skills to prepare them for a future of learning and at the same time become well-balanced global citizens. We guide them towards developing strong interpersonal skills to enable them to reach their full potential.

Our fun-filled integrated program is rich in developmentally appropriate activities to encourage holistic development and allows for each child to develop at their own pace in a nurturing and caring environment.


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